We are a family owned and operated business that serves the treasure coast. The owner and ARDMS registered ultrasound tech is Erica Krueger. “I truly enjoy being able to share in the experience and excitement that a family gets out of seeing their baby and even being able to discover the gender”

  We perform 2d and 3d/4d ultrasounds in the comfort of a person’s home, at the location of their choice, or at our office. This can be as intimate as a husband and a wife finding out the gender in their living room or as public as showing off the babies features at the baby shower. We can also perform the gender reveal ultrasound at a gender reveal party at your location or offer the 3d images to you and your family at home. The options are completely up to you.

  We perform the scan with a Medison My Sono U6 which is an ultrasound machine that is about the size of a laptop. We set up a massage table for the mom and a small side table for the machine which is hooked up to a nearby television with a HDMI port.  If there is not a HDMI port or a nearby television the scan can still be done it just has to be watched on the actual ultrasound machine by the family and friends.

All packages are non refundable, no exceptions