Pregnancy relaxation 101

Hey everyone L J here, messenger from Angelic Baby,


The miracle of birth. Such a wonderful creation God made. When I first became pregnant I was so ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy! I had been wanting a baby for a while and it was finally going to happen. I was nervous the very first time I went to my 3D ultrasound but once I heard the heartbeat it became so real. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat was emotional and calming for me. From then on I wanted to do my best to keep my baby healthy. I had heard stories of how you have to eat twice as much food so the baby can grow. In the beginning I ate a lot of food, too much in fact, the doctor said the baby only needs 300 calories, especially in the first trimester. I started to experience morning sickness in the 5th or 6th week of my pregnancy. I learned very quickly that my baby was hungry first thing in the morning. No time to pee or brush teeth, I had to eat something ASAP. AAHHH satisfaction for the little one! Now I can do what I need to do to get ready for work. I’m going to give a few tips now on what ways to better relax yourself throughout a pregnancy; based on my experience.

  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Everyone said to me “oh get your sleep now!” Not that I didn’t listen but I should have just some days let the housework go and just rest. Life gets so busy, but the health of a baby and the mom is most important!
  • Put them feet up! Sit back and watch a movie! Ask for a massage, it helps prevent and lessen swollen ankles.
  • Listen to light uplifting music all the while too. Letting music play will soothe you and baby inside your belly.
  • Take a nice bath once a month to relax and take some pressure off the back, hips, and legs. Have a nice strawberry daiquiri along with it. (virgin of course) 🙂


I hope you enjoy some of those tips. So long for now. I’ll be back soon.


—L J from Vero Beach, FL

-messenger from Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound

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