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School’s Out For Summer

Yay!! That song pops in my head every time the last day of school is. Summer is at times my favorite season. Aside from the unbearable heat, at times I enjoy it because my birthday is in summer, theme parks are a go to as well as water parks, and beach and swimming! Summer is always fun for family vacations. When my baby girl was 3 months old I was nervous to take her out in the hot sun because of how fresh and sensitive a baby’s skin is. She loves it now though. No fear. Which causes me to have fear. When I was a child my concept of time was out of sorts and incomprehensible. To me summer felt a whole year. Ha! And school felt like FOREVER!! When I learned summer was only a 3 month duration I was mad haha. Summer is a fun time to spend with big family parties and family get togethers and I’m excited for the 4th of July holiday!

Happy 4th of July!!


L J,

Messenger for Angelic Baby

Mother MAY I

I remember playing that game whenever I was little. It was also a polite way of asking things just without the mother part. May I have this, may I have that? I’m teaching my daughter how to ask things politely, like Please and Thank you. Its cute to hear her version of it. I’m at the point where when she asks for things I say, “What do you say?” and she says please and before I let go of what i’m giving her I ask now what do you say, and she responds with a thank you. Shes picking up a lot of words and copying me when I tell her “you’re so silly” or ” you’re so funny.” Getting smarter and smarter day after day. Its very eye opening to see the things she’s learned so quickly at the things she sees me do or say. I have to make sure that what I am showing her and saying is setting a good example for her. I remember when I was younger the different tactics or routines my parents did. You kinda favor one parent over the other in certain things. Ones more strict ones a softy, we could get away with a few things. At times my parents were the same and opposite.

Going to the store with my dad meant we might get candy at the checkout aisle if we were good in the store. Shopping with mom was different. She didn’t buy us junk food, like in cereals, no she bought crispix, or rice krispies (not treats). On the other hand if I wanted to do something or go somewhere but my room wasn’t quite cleaned I’d ask mom rather than dad. Dad was strict with disciplining, my mother was the soft one. Sometimes I wonder which of myself or my husband our daughter would favor towards. There’s a difference in how we do the same routine for bed. When my parents put me to bed they’d say their prayers differently and remember to this day the way they prayed, and that’s something I want to pass on to my kids as well so that they will remember what my prayers were with them. Such deep thoughts haha.


Time Out!

That’s my disciplinary tactic that’s working as of right now. I went from having to only say that to my child one time during the day. A few weeks later I have had to say it a record of 3 times. Ok so that’s not too bad but it’s happening more often. She is approaching 2 and fast! It’s amazing how much a child will pick up from another after only one play date visit. Oh boy can she scream and loud! Luckily timeout corners can be created anywhere you are. My once all the time sweet girl has quickly begun the stage of what people refer to as the “terrible 2’s.” I personally don’t care for that phrase because she’s not terrible, she’s still a sweetheart and my baby. She’s testy! That’s how I will refer to it, as the “testy 2’s.” She is testing my limits and hers. The time out method has been seeming to work. I think what’s important is to not just put our kids in time out and say “ok you can come out now of your corner and play again”, but to discuss why they were in there in the first place so they know what happens when they’re disobedient. Well let’s hope it lasts for a while! Until next time!

March madness and tantrums

Ok, so this months blog has nothing to do with basketball. Its madness because I can’t believe its already March!! We’re already 3 months into the new year!! Even with an extra day in February that month seems like it never happened its so short.

Shut up! I almost said to my almost 22month old, but I stopped myself and said shush! It’s been said that terrible 2’s happen of course when they’re 2. UH yea no! Mine started with a little attitude I feel at 18 months and its only progressed. She’s at a stage right now where she gets frustrated really easily. Especially when she can’t carry all her toys with both hands. You would think that her screams of frustration were from a sibling fighting and taking her toys. And then theres the tantrums when she doesnt get her way. oy vey! Her independency for wanting to do things on her own is so cute and she amazes me how smart she is which I also have to really be careful about.

She’s such a sponge and copycat right now its funny to see her impersonate but it also keeps me in check. I always told myself when I saw a child throw a fit in public “I would never let me kid get away with that.” Thankfully I havent had a situation in public like that but boy has she tested me at home! I cant imagine trying to have another right now. One day though… day. :­)

until next time….


Cherish The Moments

Happy New Year! It’s been a while. I hope everyone had a great year, and is off to a great start in this New Year! Time goes by so fast. There are seasons in our life that seem to go by slow and other times in our life it can seem very fast. Especially when you have a baby. I was reminiscing the other day at videos of my own daughter. She is over a year old, and I can’t believe how much time has seemed to fly by! I remember saying to myself when she was a newborn to really cherish the moments with her. Because in a year, I will be looking back at how little she was, and here I am saying that now. I really held on to those moments with her. I cherished the bonding between us when breastfeeding and the swaddling and rocking to sleep and co sleeping. I really miss that sometimes. I got emotional watching videos we took of her as a baby and when she was just only a week old and seeing the transition to a 5 and 6 month old to a 10 month old. Then it was her first birthday and Christmas time, and of course New Year. My daughter is at a very fun, cute, funny, and yes already sassy age. She makes me laugh and has such a sweet spirit to her too. Many of my friends and family members “can’t wait until she’s older” but I can! I want her to stay little. Time went by way to fast! In this day and age with social media, and cell phones and the things that are right at our finger tips really take precious quality time away that should be spent with our children. Really cherish and grasp and hold on to those times spent with your baby as they grow and you teach them!


Until next time!


L J- messenger for Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound

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Ultrasounds & Baby Movements

Florida Treasure Coast 3D Ultrasound

Florida Treasure Coast 3D UltrasoundsThe most amazing things happen to our bodies as our babies grow.  The feeling of movements which starts anywhere from 18 weeks to 25 weeks, and the incredible growth of the baby.  Sometimes being pregnant can be scary.  The feelings and sensations are unfamiliar as well as sharing your body with another person can be extremely overwhelming.  There is all this hunger, fatigue, moodiness, and, often times, sickness.  But what is it that makes the pregnancy easier?  How do most women get through the ups and downs of pregnancy?  While there are lists of answers, including Yoga, healthy diets and support groups, one of the most common answers are simply being able to see their baby grow through ultrasounds.

During the pregnancy, your doctor will perform minimal ultrasounds to check on baby.  These are typically done with one in the first trimester, an anatomy scan at approximately 20 weeks and after that, only on an as needed basis depending on issues.  As technology has grown, getting a specialty ultrasound just because you want to see baby, is now more available then ever. At Angelic Baby 3-D Ultrasound, we offer so many packages to see your little bundle of joy.  Some of our packages include print outs, gender reveals, 3D and 4D ultrasounds, free gifts and CD and DVD’s of the session.   We truly want to make your pregnancy more bearable by showing you how special your little baby is and allow you the chance to see your babies adorable face.

Ultrasounds are non-invasive and there is no verifiable risks of radiation positioning.  Scheduling a few extra ultrasounds just for you to see your precious baby comes at no risk to you or baby.

According to Web MD:

A prenatal ultrasound test uses high-frequency sound waves, inaudible to the human ear, that are transmitted through the abdomen via a device called a transducer to look at the inside of the abdomen. With prenatal ultrasound, the echoes are recorded and transformed into video or photographic images of your baby.

Are Prenatal Ultrasounds Safe?

Studies have shown ultrasound is not hazardous. There are no harmful side effects to you or your baby. In addition, ultrasound does not use radiation, as X-ray tests do.

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Take the time to call our specialists at Angelic Baby 3-D Ultrasound to ask your questions and schedule your appointment today.  Call 772-940-8298 and let us help you see your beautiful baby today!

Some more information to read and view about Ultrasounds:

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My Baby is the size of a….

Hey everyone, L J here again, messenger from Angelic Baby,

As my baby was growing more and more each week I was feeling larger and larger. Many apps for the smartphones tell you based on what week you are, what size your baby is. It helps when u can picture how big your baby is based on the size of a fruit. From the size of a blueberry, to an avocado, to a cantaloupe and then a watermelon, or so it feels. Halfway into my pregnancy some of the appointments were just simple ones to listen to a heartbeat, but I wanted to see pictures. I wanted to know what my child was going to look like! Whose nose will the baby have? What will the lips and eyes and ears look like?  It’s hard to tell what a baby looks like on that blackish grey screen that’s only 12 inches wide. Even then, it’s difficult to see what body parts are what. I had often heard of getting a 3D ultrasound done to really see what the baby will look like. I have friends who have personally done it as well. It’s an amazing experience and the results from the pictures are truly capturing. You can see the structures of the face and sometimes the baby will give a wave or a thumb suck. It’s a precious moment to share with your husband also if they can go along. These types of 3D ultrasounds aren’t done in your regular OB clinic and of course isn’t covered by your normal routine insurance. Sometimes separate payment is required which can tend to be expensive and many times the offices of these places aren’t in the same town, especially a town like Vero Beach. The nearest office to get that type of ultrasound is 45 minutes to an hour away. How awesome would it be if Vero Beach had an office to go to and get a 3D ultrasound done? Even better, how about a mobile 3D Ultrasound technician!? You mean I don’t even have to leave the house?! That’s right. Erica Krueger, founder of Angelic Baby is a mobile 3D Ultrasound technician who will come to you moms! Not just to Vero Beach, but all of the Treasure Coast!  How relaxing that will be, in the comfort of your own home, in your own recliner!  Set me up for an appointment!!




Until next time.


—-L J

Pregnancy relaxation 101

Hey everyone L J here, messenger from Angelic Baby,


The miracle of birth. Such a wonderful creation God made. When I first became pregnant I was so ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy! I had been wanting a baby for a while and it was finally going to happen. I was nervous the very first time I went to my 3D ultrasound but once I heard the heartbeat it became so real. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat was emotional and calming for me. From then on I wanted to do my best to keep my baby healthy. I had heard stories of how you have to eat twice as much food so the baby can grow. In the beginning I ate a lot of food, too much in fact, the doctor said the baby only needs 300 calories, especially in the first trimester. I started to experience morning sickness in the 5th or 6th week of my pregnancy. I learned very quickly that my baby was hungry first thing in the morning. No time to pee or brush teeth, I had to eat something ASAP. AAHHH satisfaction for the little one! Now I can do what I need to do to get ready for work. I’m going to give a few tips now on what ways to better relax yourself throughout a pregnancy; based on my experience.

  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Everyone said to me “oh get your sleep now!” Not that I didn’t listen but I should have just some days let the housework go and just rest. Life gets so busy, but the health of a baby and the mom is most important!
  • Put them feet up! Sit back and watch a movie! Ask for a massage, it helps prevent and lessen swollen ankles.
  • Listen to light uplifting music all the while too. Letting music play will soothe you and baby inside your belly.
  • Take a nice bath once a month to relax and take some pressure off the back, hips, and legs. Have a nice strawberry daiquiri along with it. (virgin of course) 🙂


I hope you enjoy some of those tips. So long for now. I’ll be back soon.


—L J from Vero Beach, FL

-messenger from Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound

He’s a big kid now….. Or is he?

Here at Angelic Baby 3-D Ultrasound, we care about the baby both inside and outside the mothers womb.

With that being said, the size of your baby is important to the health, but how do you know the right size?

Does your baby seem too big or small, too tall or short? The size of your precious baby can become confusing, and especially when you compare to other babies.

Below is two charts that will clear up any confusion. Simply print the document and add changes as your baby grows.


Boy Chart & Girl Chart

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