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School’s Out For Summer

Yay!! That song pops in my head every time the last day of school is. Summer is at times my favorite season. Aside from the unbearable heat, at times I enjoy it because my birthday is in summer, theme parks are a go to as well as water parks, and beach and swimming! Summer is...

March madness and tantrums

Ok, so this months blog has nothing to do with basketball. Its madness because I can’t believe its already March!! We’re already 3 months into the new year!! Even with an extra day in February that month seems like it never happened its so short. Shut up! I almost...

Cherish The Moments

Happy New Year! It’s been a while. I hope everyone had a great year, and is off to a great start in this New Year! Time goes by so fast. There are seasons in our life that seem to go by slow and other times in our life it can seem very fast. Especially when you have a baby. I was...

My Baby is the size of a….

Hey everyone, L J here again, messenger from Angelic Baby, As my baby was growing more and more each week I was feeling larger and larger. Many apps for the smartphones tell you based on what week you are, what size your baby is. It helps when u can picture how big your baby is...

Pregnancy relaxation 101

Hey everyone L J here, messenger from Angelic Baby,   The miracle of birth. Such a wonderful creation God made. When I first became pregnant I was so ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy! I had been wanting a baby for a while and it was finally going to happen. I was nervous...

He’s a big kid now….. Or is he?

Here at Angelic Baby 3-D Ultrasound, we care about the baby both inside and outside the mothers womb. With that being said, the size of your baby is important to the health, but how do you know the right size? Does your baby seem too big or small, too tall or short? The size of...