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School’s Out For Summer

Yay!! That song pops in my head every time the last day of school is. Summer is at times my favorite season. Aside from the unbearable heat, at times I enjoy it because my birthday is in summer, theme parks are a go to as well as water parks, and beach and swimming! Summer is...

Mother MAY I

I remember playing that game whenever I was little. It was also a polite way of asking things just without the mother part. May I have this, may I have that? I’m teaching my daughter how to ask things politely, like Please and Thank you. Its cute to hear her version of it....

Time Out!

That’s my disciplinary tactic that’s working as of right now. I went from having to only say that to my child one time during the day. A few weeks later I have had to say it a record of 3 times. Ok so that’s not too bad but it’s happening more often. She...

March madness and tantrums

Ok, so this months blog has nothing to do with basketball. Its madness because I can’t believe its already March!! We’re already 3 months into the new year!! Even with an extra day in February that month seems like it never happened its so short. Shut up! I almost...