March madness and tantrums

March 01, 2016

Ok, so this months blog has nothing to do with basketball. Its madness because I can’t believe its

already March!! We’re already 3 months into the new year!! Even with an extra day in February

that month seems like it never happened its so short.


Shut up! I almost said to my almost 22month old, but I stopped myself and said shush! It’s been

said that terrible 2’s happen of course when they’re 2. UH yea no! Mine started with a little attitude

I feel at 18 months and its only progressed. She’s at a stage right now where she gets frustrated

really easily. Especially when she can’t carry all her toys with both hands. You would think that her

screams of frustration were from a sibling fighting and taking her toys. And then theres the

tantrums when she doesnt get her way. oy vey! Her independency for wanting to do things on her

own is so cute and she amazes me how smart she is which I also have to really be careful about.

She’s such a sponge and copycat right now its funny to see her impersonate but it also keeps me

in check. I always told myself when I saw a child throw a fit in public “I would never let me kid get

away with that.” Thankfully I havent had a situation in public like that but boy has she tested me at

home! I cant imagine trying to have another right now. One day though… day. :­)

until next time….


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